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Why? (rationale and mission)

Okay, so now I seem to be getting a little blog obsessed.  I first started with a blog that I was required to create for one of my grad school courses.  Then I decided that my class needed a blog because I am a geek and wanted to further geekify myself in the eyes of my students and I realize the enormous academic potential of a blog.  As the New Year approached and all of the photo blogs that I read started talking about 365 projects, I decided to start one myself.

I really enjoy photography and though I am by no means anywhere near being a professional or even a skilled hobbyist, I wanted to provide myself an outlet for my photos.  The 365 blog could have been the platform, but I have been using my cell phone camera to take those pictures to ease the burden of daily posting and after just a few weeks have come to realize that I am using the site as a means to document my life and loves rather than my "artistic" photographs.  My commitment to posting every day makes the cell phone camera an ideal means to an end, but doesn't allow me to get too creative.  This blog will hopefully be an avenue for me to explore my artistic side and allow me to focus on themes and improving my eye.  I will probably post randomly, but hopefully somewhat regularly and often.  I will start with some photos in my current library so the page doesn't look to spare.

I am excited to explore some themes including color studies, birds, nature, letters, numbers and portraits.